Transcription FAQ

Do I need to sign a contract for a specific period of time?

No, there are no contracts involved for the Smartsec transcription service. Once you are registered as a client you may send through as little or as much work as you need.​

Can I use the service for holiday relief when my secretary goes on leave?​

Absolutely. Many of our clients use our service that way and find great peace of mind knowing that when their regular on-site secretary or typist is on leave, that their patient correspondence won't be adversely affected.​

Can I use email or Dropbox to send dictation and receive letters, instead of using the Smartsec website?​

Our preferred method of working is uploading and downloading via the Smartsec Website. However, if you dictate via Dictate + Connect app on your mobile phone and would prefer to work with us using Dropbox, we can oblige. This will incur a monthly $20.00 admin fee which is applied to your monthly invoice.

Do you outsource the typing overseas?​

No. All of our typing is done here in Perth, by experienced medical transcriptionists. We strive to provide an outstanding service, which we achieve by placing value on, and establishing a relationship with, our local typists. We don't believe that outsourcing offshore is complicit with privacy guidelines. ​

Do my administrative staff need to copy and paste the letters into my practice management software?​

Currently, all our clients use Genie Practice Management Software, for which there is no copy and paste required, and the letters can be imported seamlessly into the software.​ If you use a practice management software other than Genie, we will work with you to create a system of importing to your software that is seamless and beneficial to both you as the client, and Smartsec as your provider.

How are the letters imported into Genie?​

Templates are created at your end in Genie, as well as at our end in Microsoft Word. By using a specific formula to save the .doc or .rtf documents, the letters can be imported into each patient record in Genie. For more information please go to the online Genie manual at where you will find "importing remotely typed letters" under Reception Module, Referral/Reply letters.​

Can you provide a discount for a large practice?​

Unfortunately, no. We strive to provide a quality service, which is reflected in our cost. Our Perth based typists are paid a premium rate, and in return consistently meet and exceed expectations, therefore it is not viable for us to provide a discount.​

How do you charge?​

We charge 25c per line, a line consisting of 65 characters. You or your practice is invoiced at the end of each month, with preferred payment being via Electronic Fund Transfer.​

How do I register for a trial?​

You can register for a trial here or by emailing​